Transform the way you manage your data with the iCognition Platform

With every year, information storage and management is becoming more complex and difficult to control. Keeping track of all collected
information, determining which is business-critical, compliance with storage and management standards…

What information needs compliance control, and how to optimise your storage is critical

How do you effectively manage, employ, and share all of your data?

To stay on top of your information, you need a comprehensive solution that helps you manage your information assets, analyse and identify
information across various repositories (including Network Drives, SharePoint, Exchange and TRIM/Records/Content Manager), classify unstructured
data and enterprise content, and effectively conduct federated searches.

Your comprehensive Information Management & Governance Platform Supplied By the Micro Focus IMG partner of The Year 2017

Micro Focus ControlPoint


Analyse, identify and classify dark and unstructured data across multiple repositories

  • Discover what information exists
  • Identify & remove duplicated, redundant and trivial data
  • Identify private and sensitive data
  • Savings in storage costs
  • Recognise & manage security and compliance risks
  • Ongoing policy-based management of information across multiple repositories

Micro Focus Content Manager (CM)
Auto-classification Module


Classify enterprise content

  • Easily auto-classify content captured to CM
  • Fine-tune your CM classification through machine learning, and link
    it to ControlPoint

iCognition RM Workspace
Federated Search Module


Conduct enterprise federated searches

  • Effectively discover, acces, share and collaborate on
    enterprise information
  • Simplify meet FOI, Audit, Discovery, Inquiry and Regulatory
    Investigation requirements
RM Workspace has won two Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) 2016 ACT iAwards and a 2015 iAward Merit Award

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Your Benefits

Increased operational efficiency and employee satisfaction

Minimised risk

Improved compliance with governance frameworks and policy goals (including the Protective Security Policy Framework and Digital Continuity 2020)

More effective capacity management

Overall improvement on ROI across ICT investments

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or enabling access from mobile devices?

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